How Bazaar is our Samoon and Naan bread made?


Our bread is called samoon and naan. It is an Iraqi leavened flat bread made with yeast, flour, sugar and salt. Some bakers add other ingredients to improve taste and quality. The bread is cooked in an iron oven on a piping hot surface.

Samoons are similar to the naan bread that we make, in terms of
flavor. It is cooked at high temperatures which gives it a crisp crust and spongy hallow center. It is also cooked thin like naan is. The difference being that naan is stuck to the side of a tandoor, and although our specialty oven maintains a very hot temperature of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, a tandoor oven maintains a blistering temperature of around 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

When our bread is done it is absolutely delicious. You will love it piping hot and enjoy it with meals, or spread with a topping make from mixing a thick, almost butter like cream with date syrup.

The process is as follows.
1. Ingredients are mixed in a large mixer that blends the dough and gives it it’s initial knead.
2. The dough is then transferred to a counter where it is rolled and cut into individual pieces.
3. The dough is that shaped and stretched into oblong pieces and places on a raising tray.
4. The trays are then stacked to allow the dough to rise.
5. Trays are moved to another person how flattens raised dough and hands the tray to the baker
6. The baker then places flattened dough onto the peel (giant wood spatula)
7. The baker loads the bread into the brick oven and cooks for about 5 minutes
8. The bread is that removed quickly and thrown backwards allowing it to cascade into the waiting bin

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